The future of Elgg Google Groups

Over 4 years ago the core developers of Elgg decided to close down the Google Group for Elgg users because users should discuss Elgg on the Elgg community website.  Until recently this did not apply to the Elgg developers group but since last month the developer group has been closed.

Practice what you preach

It’s a case of “practice what you preach” because there is no specific need to use the Google group over an Elgg community group. The discussions on the developer group were mostly related to the technical future of Elgg (with a misplaced support question here and there). The group Feedback & Planning on the Elgg community is the group where new ideas for the future of Elgg are discussed.

So if you like to see where Elgg is going, or if you want to have a say in it’s future, step in and share your thoughts.



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