As Elgg experts we at ColdTrick can provide you with various services regarding Elgg.


Need to know if Elgg is the right product for you? Want to know how to get the most from your Elgg community? Need some pointers on good plugins? Just ask us and we can give you advice.


Did you try the installation instructions? Are they to technical, do you need an expert to check your installation or do you just want someone to do the complete installation for you? That is why you should hire us.


So you’ve got your site up and running. The next step is to configure your site and any additional plugins. There can be a lot to configure, so if you have trouble figuring it out, we can help!

 Custom Development

If there is no existing plugin available that does what you need, there is always the option to have it developed. ColdTrick is one of the best Elgg developers around, so share your requirements with us to get a quote.


If you like to do a lot yourself, but require some training regarding community management with Elgg or like to be trained as a PHP developer for Elgg, we can provide you with a workshop where we share our experience with you.


ColdTrick can provide long term support for your Elgg installation. We can support community administrators with our knowledge, provide bugfix support, periodic maintenance or keep your code up to date with the latest releases of Elgg.

Need any of these services? Please contact us!