Specialized Elgg Developers

ColdTrick IT Solutions is a company that specializes in developing social network communities for intranet or internet. Those communities are targeted at a specific audience and that audience most of the time has need for special features. Those features add value too your community and require a platform and a technology partner that brings out the best in your community. We choose Elgg as the platform for building community.


We at ColdTrick try to develop high quality code. All developers in our team are educated in various programming skills and will push themselves to deliver great code that can withstand the test of time.

Jerôme Bakker

Jerôme Bakker

Backend developer with the main focus on security, email, api, translations and general site management.

Jeroen Dalsem

Jeroen Dalsem

Frontend developer with focus on content, profiles, user management and general usability improvements.


Over the years we worked on social networks for various clients.


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Installing Elgg 1.9

So you want to install Elgg, but what are the steps required? Don’t worry we’ll help you. First you need to download Elgg, the stable releases can be found @ elgg.org/download.php. If you want to checkout the newest developments have a look at the GitHub repository for Elgg.

The future of Elgg Google Groups

Over 4 years ago the core developers of Elgg decided to close down the Google Group for Elgg users because users should discuss Elgg on the Elgg community website.  Until recently this did not apply to the Elgg developers group but since last month the developer group has been closed. Practice what you preach It’s […]